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Digital Painting- Chibi
Cammy by Shadow-Lockheed
Croc Master by Shadow-Lockheed
Magical Girl-rough by Shadow-Lockheed
A simple chibi style picture of your character!
Digital Painting-Lineless Portrait
Nemesis-new persona form by Shadow-Lockheed
Character Portrait done completely lineless
Digital Painting-Lineless
English Fire by Shadow-Lockheed
Drake Of The Swamps by Shadow-Lockheed
Wendigo of Baltimore by Shadow-Lockheed
Most expensive due to complexity and time needed! 
Digital Sketch- Colored
Vakama Rampant-Flat Colors by Shadow-Lockheed
Black Queen by Shadow-Lockheed
Armored Sirrush by Shadow-Lockheed
Can be done inked or sketched!

Portraits and full body shots are a specialty!
Digital Sketch-no color
Rohirrim And Triceratops by Shadow-Lockheed
First Hordika-redux by Shadow-Lockheed
Simple digital sketch, no color, sketchy vibe.
Traditional Sketch- Full body/Background
Takanuva- Sketch by Shadow-Lockheed
Charnel Beast- Carbuncle by Shadow-Lockheed
Manehattan Resistance by Shadow-Lockheed
A full body shot of a character with background! 800 points is base price, for larger pieces involving more than two characters pricing can be discussed.
Traditional Sketch-portrait
Sirrush: Head shot by Shadow-Lockheed
A 8x5 traditional sketch- 640 is base level for basic sketch!




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Hello everyone! I am doing a sale on Chibis for the next month or so to help pay for my GREs! So that is $5 flat for Chibis with one character or more!

For those unfamiliar with a GRE it is a test used to get into Graduate programs in American University, unfortunately it costs roughly $195 to take the test.

I am hoping to make some extra money to help balance out the costs of this. 

If you want to pay via points:

I will be changing the Chibi Commission Tab to the point equivalent of 5 dollars

If you want to pay via Paypal:

I will give you my paypal address after you decide what you want!

I can do two types of Chibi:… ink and color

Or… pencil/crayon 

All Terms of Service (with adjusted prices) are here:…

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He sat at the foot of the ruined lighthouse, looking out towards the sea.  The fading sun had warmed the stones behind him. Tahu lay against them, it felt protective to him. He did not want to admit it, but he was scared. “The new Akamai!” The matoran had called out. They thought he was the one to stay, become their new protector.  He would return triumphant with tales a plenty to tell them, and they hoped, with a bride by his side to continue the line.
“But I am not.” He thought to himself. The young toa had dreamed wild dreams. Now, he knew his family was not blessed with future sight but he knew…he knew these dreams held meaning.  He knew his destiny lay elsewhere.  Tahu sighed, he wished he had his Uncle Lhikan to talk to, but he left them many years ago to carry on.  “I should tell mother.” He mumbled aloud. But he did not want to break her heart.
His eyes looked towards the old harbor. He caught sight of his twin sister flicking about the rocks, looking for crabs. It was the first time in weeks he had seen her, she was trying to figure out her own destiny: whether to serve the matoran or the rahi she loved so dearly.  Whatever the case was, her future did not lie on their home island either.  It was generally tradition the Marked one left.
Slowly he rose, turning inland towards home. He stopped briefly on the way back to see his father’s grave.  “Hello, father.” He whispered to the lonely grave. “I wish you could see us now. I wish you could have seen us grow. Now we are leaving you.” He sighed.  “Tahu!” He heard his mother’s voice call. The young toa turned away and slowly trooped down the hill.
Golden light shone from the small home that had been his family’s for generations.  His mother leaned against the doorway, the vestiges of the Marked one clear in her silhouette.  “I saw Pyroa.” He remarked, entering the house and hanging his sword upon its hook. “How did she look?” his mother asked, concernedly. “A bit thin I guess, but fine. I didn’t try and grab her attention.”
Tekera Akamai nodded to her son. “A wise choice, Tahu.” She remarked, shutting the door against the night. Even though it was early, Tahu yawned and sank into a chair. He watched his mother throw her daggers over her shoulders.  “Food is in the other room, if you are awake enough to go get it.” She chuckled as she opened the door again to patrol. “Mother…” Tahu said, suddenly awake.
“Yes?” Tekera asked.  Tahu sighed, he did not know what to say. “Be safe. That’s all.”
“You worry too much, not sure which side you got it from but…” she chuckled, “I will, Tahu. I will be careful.”
She left, shutting the door tight before walking into the night. Tahu let his head drop to his chest. Some brave and bold toa he was turning out to be. “Let me be as fearsome as my forebears,” He prayed quietly. Sleep crept up on him silently. That night he dreamed again: of fearsome beasts, swarms, and a city of legends.
Tahu One shot
My final one shot for the toa.

As I have been working on these I have also been using these as the basis for a much larger fanfiction. Hopefully I can get that done and pushed through fairly soon. 

This larger project is also then working towards me rewriting my old  "Pyroa and Kopaka" as well as "Tale of the Twins" fanfictions that regrettably were never finished, mostly due to my changing of Pyroa to a less mary-suish creation. (Okay, not going to lie, she is still an obnoxious character in a way but we all have that one character we really can't bare to part with even though its not the best)
The young stone matoran sighed as he approached a hole in the ground, covered with a little cave. He had a ball tucked under one arm “Oh come on! You’ve been digging and hiding down there all day!” Pohatu shouted down the small hole. “So what! It is too hot out!” A voice shouted back up.
“Onua, it’s not that hot out! Sun’s gonna be down soon!” Pohatu called once more. When he received no reply he placed the ball upon the ground and kicked it into the small cavern.
“Yeeouch!” Came Onua’s voice from within.
“That’s what you get for being lazy!” Pohatu called down.  Slowly, a black shape rose from the depths of the hole shielding its bright green eyes. Onua glared at his warm brown cousin with slight irritation. “Funny to hear you call me lazy when all you do is sleep.” He grumbled, throwing the ball to Pohatu.
“I’m not asleep when I am bothering you, cousin!” Pohatu said, grinning and tossing it back to Onua. The earth matoran caught it deftly, placing it on the ground and kicking. “Why so glum lately?” Pohatu then asked, a genuine note of concern in his voice, kicking the ball back over. “I don’t know. Something is off. Something is wrong. It is in the earth.” Onua shuddered a bit.
“Maybe we have another bad earthquake on the way? You’re good about feeling out that kind of thing.” Pohatu suggested hopefully.  “Look, we’ll be fine! Grandpa would know by now too I think!” He then added smiling. Onua did smile back as he thought of their grandfather. The mighty earth toa would have sensed something by now as well if the danger was as great as Onua believed.
“Come on, cuz! Sun is down and grandpa’s going to be out walking soon! Let’s go find him!” Pohatu grinned and darted off. Onua ran after him best he could, but he did not have his friend’s speed.
The heavy tramp of feet behind him caused to slow and look up. Suddenly, a giant black hand scooped him up. Onua shouted his surprise as his grandfather kept running as he placed him on his shoulders. Quickly he gained ground on Pohatu and snatched him up as well. The boys laughed as he ran to the village.
As night fell, the boys were yawning, each one cradled safely in the crook of Grandfather Curad’s arms. “Fine toa you’ll both make some day!” He said to them. Pohatu grinned up sleepily and Onua nodded, his eyes shut already. The Earth toa smiled as he brought them to their homes and into the waiting arms of their mothers.
Pohatu slept easily as the moon rose. Suddenly he was awoken by a pebble striking his face.
“Yeeouch!” He snapped, looking up. Onua’s eyes peered over the window ledge. “Come on! You cannot sleep all night!” Onua whispered excitedly.
Pohatu Onua oneshot
Another for my toa as children oneshots, decided to put Onua and Pohatu together

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